Tuesday, 11 August 2015

PYP Learner Attitudes Display

Hello everyone! Today I have an organisational tip to share. To assist the children in my class with applying the skill of the PYP learner attitudes, I created some portable display cubes. As I am also a scrapbooker/papercrafter, my tools came in very handy in this venture!

As a campus, we were encouraged to use pegs to attach to laminated posters of each of the attitudes. This worked for a while but they kept coming off and eventually we (my class including myself) lost interest. The children argued about their pegs falling off and being placed on the wrong card...you can imagine that it was defeating its purpose.

I had an idea of something that rotated and that was portable. I went to Bunnings for inspiration but found nothing. My second idea is what is pictured above. I ended up finding a paper towel holder at K-Mart and created the boxes myself using a WR Memories Keeper Box Punch Board and some cardstock. I laminated the attitudes cards and attached laminated strips of cardstock with eyelets. These were then attached using strong double sided tape.

The idea of the pegs is still a good one. I painted some wooded pegs and used added the children's names. At the end of the week, they will complete a journal entry and reflect on how they applied the attitude which they selected on the cube.

Here are some close ups...

Thanks so much for stopping by!

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