Wednesday, 18 November 2015

SketchUp in the Primary Classroom

SketchUp is a 3D design program that has great uses in the classroom. It is available in a freeware version. The use of digital technologies in classrooms opens the doors to so many possibilities. It was suggested that Year Three use this program when exploring their fifth UOI (unit of inquiry).

The central ideas presented to the students was  Structures are influenced by design and purpose.  It was driven by the key concepts of change, function and form as well as the related concepts of adaptation, systems, structures and design.

The summative task the children engaged with was:

To modify an existing structure or create a new structure to meet the growth in enrolments at Del Monte for 2016

To enable the this process, SketchUp was a key vehicle in the childrens' learning. The following video outlines the process as well as provide an example of a structure created by two students.

The students' sense of achievement was immense.  SketchUp enabled them to share their thinking and also to produce a product of which they were proud of. 

This is a learning tool that is certainly an asset in a Primary Classroom.

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