Saturday, 30 September 2017

City Skyline Watercolour Silhouette

Hello everyone! I hope you are having a great day. Today I would like to share a watercolour background technique that I saw Jennifer McGuire share. It's easy to create and the effects are really spectacular.

This technique/project is a lesson that will be shared with my Year Three class as part of our unit of inquiry. The central idea is:
Structures are influenced by design and purpose.

This activity will create a great link to the children's understanding of the central idea.

Before I created the project, I had a go at the technique. 

I left the papers to dry overnight (it was late when I did this so they dried for approx six hours). The cling wrap detached from the background and the effect was amazing! The verdict is you need a lot of water initially so that the cling wrap can create the lines on the watercolour paper.

I have a video tutorial below, showing how to create the silhouette and also demonstrating the technique.


Faber Castell watercolour paints, Tim Holtz Cityscape Skyline, Monte Marte watercolour paper pad A5, Cling Wrap.

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