Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Classroom Organisation in a Flexible Learning Space ~ Getting The Job Done ~

Do you ever cringe at updating the weekly jobs list in your classroom or you let it lapse for two maybe three weeks? I certainly have been guilty of both crimes and the children reminded me of it! What I disliked was the time it took to negotiate, designate and record the job roster.

I have created a notebook file for the SmartBoard in the past but that lost its impact (for both myself and the children). Last year I discovered Pinterest. It's a virtual pinboard where you pin images and links to sites of all of the things you love. It's free to join and highly addictive. You can become inspired and discover different ways of doing things.

I came across this idea of the jobs ladder/peg cards from a Pin that someone had shared. I really liked the simplicity of the idea. I had a look at the types of jobs that needed to be done to make my gathering space work. In a flexible learning space, it is important for the children to have ownership of areas, and that can be achieved through responsibilities given over to them. In a traditional classroom, this is important as well.

The jobs I have created are in the table below. A brief description is also supplied of what is required.

Number of students
·         Add bins each day
·         Insert bin liners to bins
·         Collect and place eating cloths onto the floor before eating times
·         Collect and fold eating cloths after eating times
·         Transport homeroom trolley to work areas within the learning space
·         Check that stationery is tidy
·         Dispose used or damaged stationery items e.g. glue etc and inform teacher of any shortages
book tubs
·         Ensure that all book tubs are neat and that all student work books are placed correctly within them
·         To maintain that the bookshelves are neat and organised
·         To vacuum the carpet in the gatherine space after eating times
table group helpers
·         Handout and collect books, worksheets and stationery students need when commencing or completing tasks
·         To assist if other students are absent and cannot complete job assigned
·         To assist if more students are needed to complete a job/task

 All of the students at my school eat inside before going outside to play. We have a cordless vacuum that the children use to vacuum up the crumbs. This is the most popular job! A picture of it is below.

To designate jobs, you simply need a packet of pegs. Write each students name onto the pegs. I chose a mulit-coloured packet to make the job easier. The children recognise their pegs when you go searching. Simply attach the peg to the side of the job card and it's done. Simple!

I also decided to have the job week start and conclude on a Wednesday. Monday is always busy with homework etc and it's less pressure on the timetable.

I really like this system. The children have easy access to it and it's fun. I used this system in term four last year. At the beginning of the year, my old students told me that they shared this system with their new teacher/s. One student also said, "Miss McGrath found it on Pinterest!"

If you would like to see the original Pin where this idea came from, click here to the link to my Pinterest board. It's such a great idea and can easily be adapted to whatever your needs are. It certainly helps to get the job done.

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