Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Looking Beyond The obvious - Storage Solutions

Do you look at products and think what are the possibilities? My colleagues and I did just that with this trolley from Ikea. As you have discovered from my earlier posts, I currently work in a flexible learning space. Looking at this kitchen trolley (it's intended use) we saw it as a solution to organising classroom supplies.

In our Year Three Learning Space, we supply the children with their stationery. This trolley allowed us to have the ability to take all of our supplies in and around the entire space. The three tiers offer storage for a number of items. As you can see, glue, pencils, scissors, activity sheets all travel around with me with ease. We purchased three, one for each teacher.

On this same shopping trip, we also discovered these colourful containers. Again designed for kitchen storage, these hang nicely onto the edge of the trolley. When the children work at desks, the containers come off and when the job is done, the containers go back. No confusion between homerooms and no shortage of supplies.

After having these in our space for approx 2.5 terms, we couldn't imagine working without them. They don't take up a lot of space, they don't get cluttered. They look attractive, are versatile and easy to move around.

My sister and I assembled this trolley together quite easily. If you are unhappy with storage, consider this as an option. I can also see it used as a guided reading solution or something activity/rotational group based.

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