Monday, 20 May 2013

Helpful Sign and Display Idea

Hello! In my last post, I shared some organisational ideas and today I have another to share. On the Ikea shopping spree, my team and I came upon these photo frames. We thought that they would work as a portable display in the space. They cost from memory approx $1 each.

We have a staggered start in the morning. The classrooms/learning spaces are open from 8.30am. The children participate in quiet activities with their peers and teachers before they day officially starts at 8.45am. The purpose is to encourage a calm start, develop relationships and also for the children and teachers to have a chance to interact and develop relationships.

The frames you can see, contain different signs. These assist in managing noise. The number of participants to an activity is determined by the sign. The signs were printed on photo paper, which makes them look really appealing to the children.

We have a number of these around the learning space. You can place more than one sign inside the frames. They are plastic and are easy to store.

The signs are from SparkleBox. If you like the signs indicating how many students can play here click here for the link. This is a free download.

If you like the Quiet Please sign, it is from Teach This, which is a subscription site worth investing in!

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